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A group of small fishing boats are pulled up on a beach, surrounded by a jungle of trees including palm trees

India Again! Part 1: Goa

I’ve wanted to go back to India ever since my first trip there almost five years ago. So I was thrilled when my sister and her husband invited me to join them! This is the first in a series of posts to share the sights and my impressions… how I wish I could share the sounds, smells, and flavours!

A January Trip to Valencia, Spain

We arrived on December 31st, New Year’s Eve, in time to see Valencia decked out for the holidays. Every square had a lighted tree or ornament, and the main plaza in front of city...

Tiny pink flowers growing between green fern fronds, poking through the dead leaves on the forest floor


Spring has sprung! The frogs are busy in the vernal ponds, the spring ephemerals are blooming in the woods, and everything is turning green.


On our recent visit to Munich, we made a side trip to Dachau. I shared a few photos of the pretty town in a recent post, but wanted to give the concentration camp memorial...

Christmas Markets and More: Munich

This year, I finally experienced Christmas markets. The warmly lit wooden huts, music, hot food and mulled wine are the perfect antidote to cold, dark winter days.  Our introduction to this fine tradition was...