Linda Krakow Eaman The world through my lens

Two swans rise up in the water, wings raised, facing off for a fight

Swan drama in the bay

You know how sometimes you’ll be having dinner at a nice waterside restaurant patio, and there are swans on the water so you grab your camera and go lie down on your stomach on the restaurant’s dock so you can take pictures? No? Just me? Not sure what the other diners thought but there I was, lying flat on my belly on the dock. And then the drama happened!

Peggy's Cove lighthouse, white with a red top, towers over rocky ground dotted with puddles and wildflowers

Nova Scotia, Briefly

Our plan was a drive around Nova Scotia, starting in the south and, time permitting, ending with a trip around Cape Breton. We were only a few days in when the hurricane warnings started, though, so we had to make some adjustments as we went along!

A January Trip to Valencia, Spain

We arrived on December 31st, New Year’s Eve, in time to see Valencia decked out for the holidays. Every square had a lighted tree or ornament, and the main plaza in front of city...