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Two swans rise up in the water, wings raised, facing off for a fight

Swan drama in the bay

You know how sometimes you’ll be having dinner at a nice waterside restaurant patio, and there are swans on the water so you grab your camera and go lie down on your stomach on the restaurant’s dock so you can take pictures? No? Just me? Not sure what the other diners thought but there I was, lying flat on my belly on the dock. And then the drama happened!

Tiny pink flowers growing between green fern fronds, poking through the dead leaves on the forest floor


Spring has sprung! The frogs are busy in the vernal ponds, the spring ephemerals are blooming in the woods, and everything is turning green.

Snowy Owls!

It’s widely known that there are snowy owls around here, but I’ve been reluctant to join the already significant numbers who drive around, searching. Unfortunately, they often disturb the owls by trying to get...

One Foggy Morning

A foggy morning is like a gift. Suddenly, the world is transformed and everything seems magical, covered in dewdrops and shrouded in mist. You just have to get out early, before the sun dries...