Pomegranates and Friends

One of the great joys of fall is spending time outdoors and sharing the bounty of our garden with friends. In one corner of our yard sits a lovely pomegranate tree, with arching branches and red trumpet-shaped flowers that the hummingbirds love. And every fall it bears big, beautiful fruit. Pomegranates are like little treasure balls filled with sparkling crimson jewels. Like many good things, you have to work a bit to get to them, but they make it worth your while, literally exploding with juice that’s sweet and tart and oh-so-wonderful.  My beautiful friend Darla and her talented brother Dan came over this week with buckets and an extra ladder, and we spent a happy hour or so picking fruit. I look forward to trying Dan’s pomegranate wine!  And yes, we left a few for the birds 🙂








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